Goggles (With Spikes)


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These goggles are perfect for all of your costuming needs! We offer four different colors for the body of the goggles: Black, Silver, Antique Copper, and Antique Gold.
Each set of goggles has an adjustable elastic strap for a perfect fit. The plastic of the body is also contoured along the side that fits atop your nose, for more comfort.
Our goggles also include two sets of lenses. If you simply unscrew the eyepiece, you can see the clear glass and the black welding glass, along with a small rubber ring for protection. You can leave both sets in, or take the dark lenses out to see through them!
Our lenses are also interchangeable with other swappable lenses.
The spikes are attached with screws, so if you'd like to remove them for a less-intense version of your costume, you may!
These goggles are a wonderful accessory to wear not only on your face, but atop your head, around your neck, or even on your hat!