Basic Black Corset - Underbust


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Trim inches off of your waist with one of our steel-boned corsets! While they are designed for tight lacing and waist training, our corsets don't sacrifice comfort! We have many styles and colors, ranging from under-clothing shapewear to steampunk to cosplay and more! Our corsets are great over or under clothes!

Our corsets have 20 spiral steel bones for comfort and form, and an additional 6 spring steel stays that support the grommets and busk. They have three layers of fabric (two inner layers of high-quality cotton twill for a breathable fit and wicking away any moisture, and an outer fashion fabric). The middle fabric layer is laminated to the outer fabric for added strength and a smoother finish. There is a waist tape for extra support at the waist line. The laces are extra long and very strong for a tight but comfortable fit.

In order for our corsets to cinch in your waist, your correct corset size will be a smaller number than your natural waist measurement. The number of your corset size indicates the number of inches the corset measures at its smallest point (the waist line).

Corset sizing is different from the way most modern clothing is sized. You will need to take a measurement to determine the size that will fit you best. For the most accurate sizing, you will need your natural waist measurement.
To take your natural waist measurement, keep the tape measure as close to parallel with the floor as possible, draw it snugly but not too tightly around your waist, and read the number.

Your natural waist measurement should be taken just above your navel. Usually this is the smallest part of your waist, however, since people come in all shapes and sizes, this may not be the case! If you're unsure where to measure, try standing with your back straight and then tilt the top half of your torso sideways. The place where your torso naturally bends and creases is your natural waist!

DO NOT pick a size by subtracting the number of inches of reduction you would like from your uncorseted waist measurement. It WILL NOT fit you properly or comfortably. Our sizing tool factors in a lacing gap of 2-4 inches when estimating sizes (2-4 inches gap is the ideal proper fit). If measured correctly, you will fit into your corset size even if you gain or lose about twenty pounds.

Sizing Chart:
Waist Size Corset Size
20-22 inches Size 18
23-24 inches Size 20
25-26 inches Size 22
27-28 inches Size 24
29-30 inches Size 26
31-32 inches Size 28
33-35 inches Size 30
36-37 inches Size 32
38-39 inches Size 34
40-41 inches Size 36
42-44 inches Size 38
45-47 inches Size 40
48-52 inches Size 42

Our corsets are designed to sit right at the hipbone on most wearers, and they have a contoured under-bust line to accentuate and slightly lift the bust area. (Sometimes you may need to scoop as you get tied!). Our corsets are a great place to start if you're just beginning to get into corsetry since they fit the majority of people well and they come in a large array of fashion fabrics, colors, and sizes to chose from!